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PO BOX 435687 Denver, Colorado 80012 Info@truunorth.com

©2023 Truu North

Welcome to Truu North

A place to create your big ideas, your meaningful life and expand your belief of what's possible.

This is where you stop dreaming and start creating.

"Finding your Truu North isn't a place you arrive,

or a habit you need to master,

it's a lens through which you view and

create the world around you...truuthfully."

 --Shari Kingston Adams Founder Truu North


Why our work matters


There are people right now who lack the belief, support and guidance to make their dreams a reality.  We all lose when creative minds don't know how or don't feel they CAN create their creations.  Who knows the ripple effect of YOU not creating your dream.


Your brain and your actions are the most powerful tools on the planet. Learning how to empower your brain, thoughts & actions is the most important thing you'll do to reach your dreams & create your desired results.  Traditional education never teaches us this.  Think of how the world would be transformed if it was taught in schools?


Truu North focuses on helping you learn through experience not just information.  We have tools that help you manage and master your brain, thoughts, actions, To-Do-List and ultimately your results.  Our models, processes and unique learning environments makes this process easy to implement immediately.

What We Do

We help you use your Mind, Micro-Actions, your To-Do-List & your Truu North to reach your dreams in business & beyond.

We teach you how to find clarity and focus so you can find your Truu direction.

We teach you why & how to take smart micro-actions--even procrastinators & the multi-passionate.

We teach you how to discover your NEXT best step and the power of focusing on the step you're in to avoid overwhelm.

We teach you how to tap into your own creative currents.

We teach you how to build meaning, purpose, mindfulness & happiness into your work and life.

We teach you how to create self-inspiring life experiences beyond your work & goals.

Our Weekly Podcast



Your Truu North is Calling! 

It's time to start moving in a direction

that matters...to YOU.

About Truu North's Founder

I'm Shari Kingston Adams and I'm a mom, entrepreneur, writer and
philanthropist.  I started Truu North because I had this wild idea that there had to
be more to life than my 15 years of working crazy long hours for other people's dreams. After two life altering experiences I KNEW there was more...MUCH MORE.
Read my story.