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We believe people are "sleeping giants" who don't realize the true impact they could make in their life, family and the world if only they would "awaken" their own creative power. Truu North is about awakening to the possibilities that ALL of us have to create successful ideas, businesses & lives--without getting lost in the stress of the HUSTLE.


For 25 years we have helped start movements and feed souls.


We've worked with creative CEOS, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, Olympic coaches, TV hosts, inventors, scientists & non-profits..helping them all achieve their Triple Bottom Line--Do Well, Do Good & Be Mindful.  Learn more  

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About Truu North's Founder

I'm Shari Kingston Adams and I'm a mom, entrepreneur, writer, researcher, seeker, &
philanthropist.  I started Truu North because I had this wild idea that there had to
be more to life than my 15 years of working crazy long hours for other people's dreams. After several altering experiences I KNEW there was more...MUCH MORE.
Read my story.

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of curious & creative dreamers

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