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Work With Us One on One

When you work with Truu North privately, you work with the Founder, Shari.  You don't work with some other consultant or in a group.  Your consulting is customized, which means you may work on one area or many areas. This is high level strategy, vision and creating big impact consulting. 


This is for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to expand their vision, reach and their place in the world. This is also for already successful entrepreneurs ready to re-imagine their business and how their "whole" life can expand also. We specialize in "Entrepreneur Wholeness"TM, building successful businesses that support YOU, rather than drown you. This goes miles past learning one tactic or launching one product. We dive deep into where you are now, what's working, what's not, the ruts you're in, why you do what you do and help you create a foundation so you understand how to build a successful business, life and future....not just a marketing campaign. This is life-changing and business transformation consulting through LIVE one on one consulting. 

We help you with...

Idea & Vision Development

Are you ready to start or revive a BIG idea, business or cause. We help you with creative idea vision, purpose, development, naming, business development, 365 idea audit, ways to expand ONLINE, market research & idea revival.  We explore how your "business" vision aligns with your "life" vision--so you can create synergy between the two. We help you expand your ideas and vision--and then help you get there.

Find Your Truu North

We work with you to uncover your purpose, passion and path.  Our unique methods focus on creating an "organic" discovery of what your blind spots, barriers, priorities and values are, which help shape what your passions are and why.  Your Truu North helps guide you personally, professionally and spiritually so you have an unobstructed view of your next steps, purpose and your vision for your life.  Without a clear distinction of your Truu North you'll feel lost, have a hard time getting things done, continue listening to other people's opinions about you and lack the motivation to "go all in" on your projects.

Entrepreneur Development

Some are meant to be out front sharing, teaching, leading and helping.  Is this you? We help you become the leader you aspire to be. We help entrepreneurs with growing their skills in leadership, success psychology, speaking, sales, organization, success mapping, purpose and vision strategies. We also show you how to find your success blind spots, get rid of the mind-movies that keep you stuck and help you expand your "experience" of what's possible for your business & beyond. We also focus on helping entrepreneurs become "soulful" and create an aim towards abundant "wholeness" not just abundance in money & status--instead whole life success.


​Messaging and Branding

To reach your audience and get them to engage with you takes messaging that "speaks to THEM" directly.  We help you create messaging for your idea, service/product, project or whole business.  It's not what you say but HOW you say it that sparks your ideal client to say YES to you.  We help you re-imagine your messaging so it doesn't just recite all the DETAILS about you and your products or services...and instead become customer focused.  We make your customer the center of your messaging so they will connect with HOW you can help them.

Sales Training & Strategy

All great entrepreneurs are also great sales people.  Being able to convert someone into a buying customer takes a special touch of trust, communication skills, likeability and behavior psychology. We help you understand how to gain strategic partnerships and sponsorships.


Smarter & Simpler Productivity

Shari has developed a ON OF A KIND system that helps busy people get more done.  After 20 years of workings with CEOs, start-ups, founders, creatives and entrepreneurs she's created a GET THINGS DONE smarter method that increases your productivity easier and simply.  Getting your business to the next level sometimes means auditing your time, tasks and how you & your team get things done. Efficiency is the key to success and smarter productivity doesn't come natural for most.  We teach you how to "become" more efficient and we do it painlessly.

Business Development & Marketing

Are you ready to reboot your ideas or are you just starting your business? We help with launching, rebooting and re-imagining your business, business model, business organization, business purpose, revenue streams, marketing, community impact and business focus to help it grow financially and grow your businesses' purpose. We help you increase your reach and diversify how you sell your products and services ONLINE. We also work with you to create high-level partnerships with organizations and people that can help advance your brand or project.


Public Relations

Your reputation is everything in business.  What people think of you carries your business and has power over your profits.  PR is about being intentional about your story, your reputation and culture.  Don't leave your profits up to chance by ignoring the relationship & conversation you have with the public and YOUR people. We help you get media attention in your industry, community and on "the big stage". We help with messaging, pitching, positioning, strategic planning and much more. Depending on what's right for your brand and YOU we can help you get media attention online, on TV, print, radio and on innovative platforms like podcasts, blogs or online TV shows--in addition to getting specific influencers or strategic partners to talk about you.  We help you with high-profile, local, trade & international PR.

Teach Your Expertise: Online Courses, Books & Speaking

We help you determine how to choose a topic to teach that your audience and customers will want.  We help create & market online and live courses.  We help find places to speak and get paid for it.  We help with getting your book out into the world to sell and promote what YOU do.


Here are the three options for Private Consulting...

Option ONE


We work side by side for 3 Months. We have weekly calls together.  You have weekly action plans, tasks and deadlines. You have weekly trainings. We hold your hand every step of the way. We even have the option to meet in person depending on circumstances. We are your teacher, guide, support, accountability, purpose partner and the inspiration to help you get to the finish line.

Option TWO

VIP 2.5

This is a private mastermind. We meet for 2.5 days in a Colorado Mountain resort.  We customize what we'll work on based on the pre-work we do before we meet.  We focus on getting a "complete" plan for you to get started.  We also do hands on work to help you implement while we're together. You can bring a spouse or business partner.

Option THREE


This is a great starting place

We work with you one on one to create a "plan" for your specific goal or task.  We give you the resources you need, the action steps and how to get started. 

All you have to do is implement it.  It takes about two-three weeks of phone meetings, research, trainings and creative development to put together your Truu North BluePrint.  Each one is customized, based on your goals & needs.

If you're interested in any of our private consulting please contact us at info@truunorth.com to learn more and schedule a free discovery call with Shari.