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What's Your Truu North?

Truu North is Different For Everyone...

there's no ONE PATH and no ONE IDEA


A Truu COMPASS for dreamers, dream builders, leaders & seekers everywhere who have a calling that they have something unique & meaningful to say, do, create, give, accomplish or even experience in their business and beyond-- their Truu North is the beacon that shows them the way. 

Take YOU Somewhere Different

Our programs don't just feed you more information and one size fits all systems.  You no longer are alone on your journey. We offer REAL hands on support, feedback, guidance, training and create the powerful accountability you need to not abandon your goals and instead finally accomplish your business goals, personal desires & biggest dreams.  We understand that if  "more information" were the answer significantly more people would be creating their success--because we definitely aren't lacking access to LOTS of information.  We don't just focus on marketing, sales or business insights we help you master your mental and daily performance--just as a professional athlete must do to reach elite levels.  We help you create clarity, progress & transformation  through  DOING & EXPERIENCING--rather than just sitting and listening more.   Our programs focus on not just "being creative" but knowing how to integrate your own creativity into everything you do. Each program takes dreamers on an adventure that demystifies their path to business success, starting their movement, finding their Truu North and creating an abundant & happy life outside of work. 

This isn't just about learning, this is about finally creating & implementing life-changing transformation in your business and beyond.

Our Programs 

Discover how to START Growing Ideas, Dreams & Happiness into Reality


Seed Pr  ject

This is a one of a kind 12 week program that takes your desires, dreams and wishes off your list and releases them into your life. 

We believe everyone right now, has seeds to their ideal destiny dormant within them and if they just released their potential they could create dreams & lives beyond their imagination.

The Seed Project is a highly interactive program that has classwork, fieldwork & life lab work.  Our core philosophy is you Learn, Transform & become by doing, experiencing, creating & measuring.

This is for dreamers ready to become doers and Doers ready to DO something different in work, life and spirit.

This is for people ready for a fresh star tor want to jumpstart what they are already dreaming about and people who don't know what their "next" thing is but are ready to discover it.

This is for the brave souls who are ready to put their BIG TALK into ACTION.

This is like no other program because it's not focused on overloading you with MORE information that TELLS you what to do...it's focused on giving you experience and results...which ultimately gives you the enlightened information specific to you.

Opening Summer 2019


Rev   lution



​​Welcome to the Ultimate

Business & Life Incubator--

It's time to awaken the Truu You and transform your business and life.

​It's Time to Watch Your

Business and Life GROW & 

Come To Fruition

This is a 12 month program that takes you from stuck to crystal clear--and rescues you from the dreamers black hole of endless ideas and the procrastination trap. It doesn't matter if you're in the idea stage or making a pivot in your current business.  This is for people who have an idea, lots of ideas or no idea what to do next.


This isn't some ONLINE experience.

We meet as a group, in person 2-3 times for adventures, mission trips and masterminds.

We also work together virtually every week.

This is for ambitious people ready to work, create, build and take an adventure. 

This is where you launch, build & grow your purpose-driven business and your purpose-driven life.  And create your deeper purpose in how you live, work, give back and find happiness.

**Limited to 15 entrepreneurs/dreamers

Enrollment Opening

Fall 2019

Truu North Experiences


Truu North Experiences (TNe) can be one day or up to 5 day adventures. They help you unplug, reconnect with your creativity, feed your soul, tap into your Truu North, take your big ideas to the next level, have life changing fun & exciting experiences, connect with other wild idea people, participate in humanitarian projects and gain the spark to forge your ideas into reality.

Your Truu North is Calling!