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We Help You Build

Big Ideas & Big Missions

Where ever your "mission" is taking you, we'll help you get there

Starting a business, nonprofit or BIG idea is easy. 

Making them successful is HARD.

Why do it alone? Why keep spinning your wheels trying to "figure" it out? We're here to make your journey easier.  We've helped many big ideas and big missions not only get off the ground but also grow and thrive. Big ideas like a PBS TV show, NY Times Best selling author, military family nonprofit and even a global racing company. 

We help you build foundations, not frills

Over 50% of businesses will fail in their first five years (the rate is much higher for side hustles) and 50% of new nonprofits will also fail in their first few years.  These fails are due to one or more of these 5 reasons: poor leadership at the top, no strategic plan, unfocused mission, inability to communicate uniqueness or message and/or unable to create financial sustainability. Finding success in these 5 areas are the foundation of any successful business, BIG Idea, side hustle or nonprofit...period.

We help you build a strong foundation FIRST.


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"Shari is brilliant in helping others find the clarity and focus they need to take action in starting their business..."

--Margaret O'Hara, aspiring founder

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"Shari is not only a joy to be around, she is a master at digging deep and getting right to the most important points that spark inspiration and action. Rodman and I have struggled to take our PBS television show to the next level...After working with Shari we feel invigorated because we have the clarity we were looking for." 

Rodman & Gina Schley PBS TV Show Hosts and Founders of SheGrows and Urban Conversion.  *read their case study here

Our FIG Formula


We first start by helping you clarify your FOCUS of what you do, who you help, and where you want to go. Then we begin creating your MACRO and micro plan that answers the HOW.  This plan focuses on your IMPACT AND YOUR GROWTH strategies--strategies for your organization and for you as the founder.  We ask the big what if, why this, what matters, what now, what next questions that fuels your focus, plan, vision, passion, direction, mission, messaging & even your actions. All of this so you can

successfully lead your NICHE of ONE-- because your competitors can't compete with

your authentic mission, deliberate vision, focused actions and

an organization that stops copying everyone else and starts leading.

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Your Truu North is Calling! 

It's time to start moving in a direction

that YOU.

About Truu North's Founder

I'm Shari Kingston Adams and I'm a mom, entrepreneur, writer, researcher, seeker, &
philanthropist.  I started Truu North because I had this wild idea that there had to
be more to life than my 15 years of working crazy long hours for other people's dreams. After several life altering experiences I KNEW there was more...MUCH MORE. 
Read my story.

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