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​We help you...

  • ​Go from VISION to REALITY with your wild ideas

  • Rescue you from business confusion and business overwhelm

  • Focus on building your client list instead of your social media list

  • Overcome planning paralysis and move into immediate smart action

  • Discover if for you, Bigger is Better or if Simpler is Saner in business & life

  • Move from story-telling to story-LIVING

  • Focus on the "right" business model, marketing & plan for you not the popular one.

Are you ready to harness your wild ideas?

​With this approach Shari Kingston Adams, Truu North's Founder, has helped entrepreneurs & movement starters build successful ideas, businesses and movements. Shari has helped businesses and non-profits generate over $150 million dollars over her career. She's also helped movement starters create meaningful impact all over the world. What are people saying about Shari?

Distractions Are Killing Your Dreams?

Leonardo D'Vinci, Einstein, Joan of Arc, Ghandi or even Mother Theresa didn't waste time wishing they could DO stuff ...they just started "doing stuff".  This is where all brilliance be gins--it's in the power of the NOW.

They listened to that quiet voice inside of them to guide their lives, ideas and actions.  They found inspiration in silent moments alone and out in the real world--and that's when they did their best creating and doing. The problem now is everyone is so "plugged" into the noise of the world they can't shut it out to listen to their own inner voice so they can tap into their GENIUS ZONE and accomplish their MOST important work.  They spend so much time chasing distractions & listening to what others say they've lost track of their own voice.

They can't "think" on their own without the noise--for many this means they don't  DO what they must.

"Don't underestimate the power of your seemingly WILD ideas--take them serious, explore them, experiment with them & take action with them. Your single idea could be a catalysis to something extraordinary." 

Who are we? I'm Shari, the founder of Truu North, a writer, mom, entrepreneur, philanthropist, fledgling urban chicken farmer, a Colorado native and a person who depends on my Faith more than anything I have or am. I have spent the past 18 years doing philanthropy, marketing, PR and all things digitaI for corporate and within my own studio. Truu North was born out of two life changing events that created a turning point in my life. In 2013 I lost my mom unexpectedly and one year later my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

​This journey has made me realize I am not here to build empires, castles, a reputation or even brands for myself (contrary to all the gurus!) ......above ALL I am here on Earth to build a deeply connected life, relationships and soul. I learned that building businesses, successful lives and even impact can't be the only measure of my success. I realized they're a part of my success.... but also part of a much bigger picture. I discovered I needed to figure out where I was going in life, who I was becoming and how I was filling the space I had in this world.   Read my full story here....

"Truu North isn't a place you arrive,

or a habit you need to master,

it's a lens through which you view and

create the world around you."

--Shari Kingston Adams Founder Truu North

Our Purpose

Our purpose behind Truu North is to unleash the potential of the human spirit and engage people to create impact in their lives and in the world around them... by living their Truu North.  Which is sometimes messy but beautifully made.

When you empower one person you empower generations. A person's reach touches their kids, family, friends, community and work. We want to inspire and empower people so they can empower everyone around them--so they can transform their corner of the world. That's how the world is changed... transforming one person at a time to live their Truu North Life  will trigger a ripple effect. It's time to trigger your OWN ripple effect. Our world needs this now more than ever!

Our Giving Mission

We DONATE a portion of all of our profits to helping people in under-served areas find & live their Truu North Life.  We also host Entrepreneur Mission TripsTM all over the world taking people on transformational journeys to help grow more dreamers & uplift the communities they visit. Learn more


Magazine & Podcast

Read our Magazine to be inspired, learn how to start or grow your movement, design a life that's more connected, filled with deep meaning and gives you true joy. Create your Truu Life.

Monthly we'll dive deeper into these subjects and interview inspiring humans that have overcome challenges or maybe even attempted the impossible.  These are real people living their Truu LIFE. 


Courses,Events & Services

When it’s time to go deeper into your learning  and development process...and quest, we’ve got you covered.

Our programs & services focus on growing, supporting and empowering the dreamers, doers and their ideas. Helping them create movements, create meaningful lives, feed their souls and create impact.


While we’re constantly evolving our programs, our recent programming has included everything from 3-day social entrepreneurship, Starting a Portable Business, leadership and culture-building workshops, Finding purpose beyond the Stress, Creating Educational programs, "Impact Trips" combining service & leadership, 6-month personal and professional immersion accelerators, international whole-life reset retreats, ONE on ONE Accelerators, starting a movement, goal-manifestation, social entrepreneurship, meditations, finding prosperity & peace, a hero's journey to meaning, community-building, mindfulness, creating your Truu North, cultivating excellence, positioning, influence, expert practice-building and more.  Learn more

About the Founder

Shari Kingston Adams
Writer, Mom,Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

I'm Shari Kingston Adams and I'm a mom, entrepreneur, writer and philanthropist.  I started Truu North because I had this wild idea that there had to be more to life than just working crazy long hours for other people's dreams. After two life altering experiences I KNEW there was more...MUCH MORE.

I've worked over 18 years PR, marketing and sales for multi-million dollar companies and running my own communications firm,hired by multi-million dollar companies, start-ups, non-profits, New York Times best selling authors, Olympic coaches and even a reality star and Nobel Peace Price Winner. I've helped companies & entrepreneurs generate over $150 million dollars in profits. I've also been an advocate for entrepreneurship to support & empower dreamers and spread the power of free enterprise. There hasn't been much I haven't tried, seen or encountered in business, PR, marketing, branding and sales over the years.











With a busy career and a family, I was working hard to keep it all going, then the unthinkable happened---twice.  In 2013 I lost my seemingly healthy mom unexpectedly, to a massive heart attack. We were sharing a coffee in the morning and that afternoon I was performing CPR on her trying to save her life. My life changed in an instant.


One year later my then 11 yr. old son spent three days in ICU fighting for his life and was diagnosed with a severe case of Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which ultimately led to us learning he had Type 1 Diabetes. I learned that his condition was so critical in the hospital that he narrowly escaped with his life. These experiences completely shook my predictable little life upside down.

As a result, I began to look at every part of my life and asked myself, "What now?".  It took me months to process what had happened...realistically I still have moments where I'm still processing how much my life has changed. 


When all this happened, my mind went blank...no answers, no ideas about what I should do with all of this. For once in a long time I STOPPED. My life became about family and about the direction my life was going. Overtime it hit me, I was over-stressed,over-worked, acutely under-inspired and was putting all the important stuff last. 

We need to stop celebrating HUSTLE and instead celebrate LIFE

I had bought into the HUSTLE and go all out for your dreams mantra but didn't realize you can't do that at the expense of everything else in your life.  We have to measure our success differently.

I learned from these experiences that life offers us no guarantees and we don't have all the time in the world to "be", "do" or "have" all that we desire.   Life grants us zero promises and I realized it was time to get specific about what my next chapter was going to look like. I kept saying to myself, "I want it to be better and different". Problem was that wasn't specific enough...it wasn't powerful enough to get me to DO life differently.  It took time to figure this out but it began my journey towards my "moments of truth".

In time I learned to DO Success & Life Differently because a life without fulfillment, happiness & the important stuff, I decided, was a waste of precious time.

I felt like I woke up to my true self.  I had been on what I call the "hustle train" for so long that I never stopped to make sure I was on the right train.  For the first time I started asking the right questions, getting real about my life and began believing that my "too good to be true" dreams could happen.

After these experiences I gained a deep compassion for people who are fighters and survivors.  It made me want to create a space for others dealing with the messy struggles and pain from life but still have BIG & Wild dreams in spite of their story, mess or current challenges. I wanted to also reach people who were ready to LIVE a more meaningful life, a more connected life, a more conscious life.....to live their Truu Life. I wanted this because I wanted  a place like this for me. A place where they talked about REAL life, creating success in spite of challenges, creating meaningful lives and inspired families.  I wanted a place that gave REAL tools & insight...not just hype, a place to help me find MY truth and wasn't afraid to bring GOD into the conversation about success and living our truu life.

I'm still on my journey and by no means have it all figured out or have a life-changing Top 10 list that will make it easier for you.  Truu North is my way to support you, share what I've done, what others have done and provide a place for brave souls on their daring path to rest, restore and reignite what inspires them--and then help them create their success & happiness.

I created Truu North to help brave and passionate people live on purpose, work on purpose & BE on purpose.

"It doesn't matter what your story is we've all been called to live true, rise strong and aim high."

--Shari Kingston Adams

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