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Your resource for starting, growing & expanding your BIG ideas and beyond...

Shari Kingston is a social entrepreneur, writer and Emmy-Nominated Producer with 20 years of experience advising companies, non-profits, entrepreneurs, authors and individuals.  She's developed her FIG Success Formula after working with clients in over 42 different industries and helping them generate over $150 million dollars. The FIG Success Formula is simple, it focuses on growing people's financial success, inner success and goal success and the results are truly empowering. Learn more

She's also developed
powerful programs that focus on creating your Truu North Life

Our Purpose
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My Mission

My mission behind what I do is to unleash the creative potential of the human spirit and engage people of all ages & backgrounds to create impact, new inventions, creativity, human connection & truu innovation in their work, lives, community, & themselves... by living their Truu North.  Living your Truu North isn't perfection, it's trying, exploring, testing & experimenting new ideas on your journey of living true to your heart's desires so you can innovate, transform and re-imagine your place in the world and help others do the same. Truu North is about being an independent thinker & doer. It's about living 'truuthfully" to your own gut feeling, rather than obeying other people's truuths--while not getting lost in the pursuit and ignore the important things in life (family, health, happiness, kindness and spirituality). 


Living your Truu North means you're NOT afraid to wander North of Normal--away from the crowds and the paths everyone else are taking.

When you empower one person to innovate & re-imagine their place in the world and then help them GO live this EXPANDED version of empower generations. A person's reach touches their kids, family, friends, community and work. We want to inspire and empower people so they can empower everyone around them--so they can transform their corner of the world. That's how the world is changed... transforming one person at a time to live their Truu North Life will trigger a ripple effect. It's time to trigger your OWN ripple effect by discovering your place, purpose & path in this you can become a Truu Leader of yourself, your life, your mind and your soul.

Our Giving Mission

We DONATE 10% of all of our profits to helping grow people and communities.  We also host Entrepreneur Mission TripsTM  all over the world taking people on transformational journeys to help grow more dream builders & uplift the communities they visit. Learn more

Redefining how we LEAD. 

How we lead our lives, businesses, missions, words, actions & minds.  Truu leadership begins first with SELF leadership. You can't lead others until you can first LEAD yourself--regardless of what you think others should do.  HOW you lead your life, business, actions, words & mind everyday, controls how much others go "all in" on your BIG Ideas and BIG Goals. It also fuels how much you grow as an founder, person, parent, friend and citizen of the world.

Your leadership is the catalyst to the ripple effect you make in the world.

Companies We've Worked With
About Shari Kingston Adams
Truu North Founder, Mom, Wife, Writer, Micro-farmer, Emmy Nominated Producer & Life-long Student

For over 15 years years I've worked with CEOs, TV Show Hosts, Olympic Coaches, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, neuroscientists and non-profits helping them innovate and grow their ideas.  I've helped them generate over $150 million dollars & expand their audiences to millions of people. But over the years I saw many of my clients find professional success but they were still unhappy and unfulfilled even though they were "successful" under "normal" standards.

It wasn't until I lost both of my parents unexpectedly a few years apart, a health scare with my son and several other difficult losses that I realized how fragile life was and how professional success doesn't create WHOLE LIFE success & happiness. Even though that is the "normal" belief with people. I realized that life grants us no guarantees and being happy had to be my choice. After all of these experiences it made me want to "be" a better person, a happier person, help more people and experience more of life. Even though I quickly "decided" I wanted to make changes, the changes didn't happen immediately but the continual transformation has been a powerful one in my life, business and spirit.  

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How everything began to change...

My journey to building a "whole Life" not just success, was born out my own need to figure out how to build "whole life happiness & success".  This wasn't an attempt to create an "Instagram Perfect" life just a "fuller" life and to live more "truuth-FULLY"--while building intentional & transformational success. It required me to travel North of Normal.  As a result, I shifted my whole consulting business and rebranded it to Truu North. I think in hopes of finding my own Truuth and Truu North in the process because living in my half asleep "normal" life wasn't working.  After starting Truu North, I shifted who I worked with and how I helped them.  I prioritized my happiness and what was truuly important to me--and started living from that core.  I took special projects that excited me and scared me. Ones that helped non-profits, military families, service dogs, homeless families, flower farms and even Formula One race car drivers.  My shift ended up helping thousands of people across the country and I even became an Emmy-Nominated Producer along the way. Personally, we bought a travel trailer to travel more with the family and started a micro-farm in the heart of the city. It has been a series of tiny steps that have led me to where I am today. I still don't have it all figured out because my life is constantly evolving. I've discovered my Truu North is a path & perspective I follow, not a destination or dogma to follow.  I'm still evolving--and that's the good news!!  One of the best parts has been sharing this with others and watching their life transform personally and professionally as it creates a ripple effect of happiness & success for them.

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About Founder New Anchor

"It doesn't matter what your story is, we've all been called to live truu, rise strong & aim high."
--Shari Kingston 

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