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​​​Truu North is platform dedicated to redefining how we LEAD.  How we lead our lives, businesses, actions & mind.

Truu leadership begins first with SELF leadership.  How YOU lead your life, business, actions & mind everyday equates to how much you grow as an entrepreneur, person, parent, friend and citizen of the world.

​It is time to elevate the conversation about success, leadership, meaningful living and developing a full soul--while pursuing your BIG IDEAS & creating your ripple effect.

For 20 years we've been working side by side with multi-million dollar companies, start-ups, creative CEOS/Founders, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, Olympic coaches, TV hosts, inventors, scientists, non-profits & individuals helping them become engineers of their own healthy success.  But we're not your new guru, instead we're guides offering tools for you to use and make your OWN discoveries & transformation--so you gain personal wisdom to LEAD yourself.


We offer a variety of personal and business development programs that are self-study, group and live events.

We also help you become mind explorers...

We are cross-pollinators of ideas, creativity and innovation that SPARK and SEED your work, life and spirit with true inspiration.  With the focus on "thinking", "questioning", "researching" and "experimenting" in order to create new ideas.

Within our programs we take ideas from history, science, art, literature, nature, philosophy, business and the many other fingers of human thought, feeling, innovation, success & creativity. All with the focus on providing inspiration, innovation, curiosity and vision FOR YOUR work, life and spirit.  Most people stay in one or two streams of reading and information gathering to grow their knowledge, skills and to gain inspiration for their "next" big thing.

We  expand your streams into great RIVERS of thought, which will take you to the next level.

History shows us that our great thinkers, inventors and leaders have pulled inspiration, knowledge & even sparked revolutionary ideas from many seemingly different subjects and disciplines.

Join our Misfit Tribe

of Curious & Creative Dreamers

Our Purpose

Our purpose behind Truu North is to unleash the creative potential of the human spirit and engage people of all ages & backgrounds to create impact, new inventions, creativity, human connection & truu innovation in their work, lives, community, & themselves... by living their Truu North.  Living your Truu North isn't perfection, it's trying, exploring, testing & experimenting new ideas on your journey of living true to your heart's desires so you can innovate, transform and re-imagine your place in the world and help others do the same. It's about living 'truuthfully" to your own gut feeling, rather than obeying other people's truuths--while not getting lost in the pursuit and ignore the important things in life.

When you empower one person to innovate & re-imagine their place in the world and then help them GO live this EXPANDED version of empower generations. A person's reach touches their kids, family, friends, community and work. We want to inspire and empower people so they can empower everyone around them--so they can transform their corner of the world. That's how the world is changed... transforming one person at a time to live their Truu North Life  will trigger a ripple effect. It's time to trigger your OWN ripple effect by discovering your place, purpose & path in this you can become a Truu Leader of yourself, your life, your mind and your soul.

Our Giving Mission

We DONATE a portion of all of our profits to helping grow people and communities.  We also host Entrepreneur Mission TripsTM   all over the world taking people on transformational journeys to help grow more dream builders & uplift the communities they visit. Learn more

Some of the amazing organizations we've worked with....


What does the logo mean?

The crane bird has been a dominant & sacred symbol in many cultures for thousands of years.  Ancient legends & myths about cranes exist in nearly every culture-- Japan, China, throughout Asia, Africa, Middle East, American Indians, Ancient Greece, Rome and Egyptian cultures.

In these cultures the crane was a symbol of inner happiness, true freedom,

divine wisdom, creativity & eternal life.


In parts of Asia, Origami Cranes have an added meaning. 

It is believed that the "act" of folding origami cranes will give you EXTRA blessings of happiness, longevity & prosperity.

Beyond the wide spread & deep meaning of the crane throughout human history the crane is the oldest living bird on earth.  They have found crane fossils around the world dating back to 2.5 million years. Plus, some crane species migrate nearly 50,000 miles every year, one of the farthest of ANY animal and another crane species makes up one of the largest animal

migration's on earth with over 700,000 birds. One crane is the highest flying bird in the world reaching over 30,000 feet. Not to mention birds, but specifically cranes, thrive in all areas of living--air, sea and land.

We chose the crane for Truu North because of these deep meanings & accomplishments that reach back through the ages of our human history and exist today.  At Truu North we are dedicated to discovering timeless wisdom and finding sources of happiness, freedom & authentic direction that isn't changed by technology or the passing of time--just like the crane.   


About the Founder

Shari Kingston Adams
Mom, Researcher, Social Entrepreneur

I'm Shari Kingston Adams and I'm a mom, social entrepreneur and researcher.  I started Truu North because I had this wild idea that there had to be more to life than just working crazy long hours for other people's dreams. After two life altering experiences I KNEW there was more...MUCH MORE.

Before I tell you how everything changed let me share how it started....

I grew up in Colorado, 10 minutes from the mountains.  I spent my early life outdoors alot, camping, going to my grand parents farm & cabin, summers in the Pacific Northwest on a boat, family road trips through the wild western states, big family gatherings filled with music, laughter and lots of fun.  It was a great childhood...not perfect...but filled with love.  In school I was drawn to science, writing & "talking a lot".  I even spent a summer in Hawaii for Marine Biology and won awards for my writing.  When it was time to choose a career I was passionate about many things but landed in the health and wellness field due to my own health issues. 


I was lucky enough to have two careers. The first one was in the health and wellness industry for 10 years, working with leading doctors, researchers, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, practitioners, companies & universities specializing in neuroscience, biochemistry, nutraceuticals, genetic testing and organic products. I did everything from sales & marketing to research & training doctors and researchers. 

My second career came after the health and wellness industry was going through changes and I looked for new opportunities. During those changes I pivoted my career. That's when I started working in PR, marketing and business development for multi-million dollar companies and running my own communications agency.  For the past 15 years I've been hired by multi-million dollar companies, start-ups, non-profits, entrepreneurs, New York Times best selling authors, Olympic coaches, auto racing organizations, TV Show Hosts, and even a reality TV star. I've helped companies & entrepreneurs generate over $150 million dollars in sales. There hasn't been much I haven't tried, seen or encountered in business, PR, marketing, branding, business development, sales and leadership & entrepreneur development over the years.

Then things changed....

I was busy with an ever-changing career and a family-- I was working hard to try keep it all together, then the unthinkable happened---twice.  In 2013 I lost my seemingly healthy mom unexpectedly, to a massive heart attack.  Before the day she passed, we talked or saw each other everyday. Our family was extremely close to say the least.  The day she suddenly passed was no different than any other, we shared a coffee in the morning, talked about her upcoming trip and the fact that today was my parents 47th wedding anniversary. However, I had no idea that day would become anything but normal.  That afternoon my son and I stopped by my parents house to drop off anniversary gifts.  After she didn't answer the door I used my key to go in.  That's when we found her unresponsive in the kitchen.  I spent the next 8 minutes, before paramedics came, performing CPR on her trying to save her life.  It took just 20 minutes that afternoon to go from "life as usual" to feeling like my life had just been hi-jacked by something so unbelievable I couldn't make sense of it.  I was in utter shock for days--and in a fog of disbelief for weeks and months.

Then one year later I rushed my then 11 yr. old son to the ER due to pain and difficulty breathing.  He  spent four days in the children's hospital ICU, fighting for his life, while I was fighting to keep it together. He was diagnosed with a severe case of Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which ultimately led to us learning he had the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. Doctors said this was one of the worse cases they had seen. This is the type of Diabetes that's a genetic autoimmune disease that isn't caused from diet and can't be cured with diet or a pill. It meant insulin shots after every meal, testing his blood 10 times a day and doctor visits for the rest of his life. This unexpected experience and "new normal" stopped us in our tracks. My mind was in a constant worry for days, wondering about my son's future and wondering how we were going to figure this all out, while also trying to figure out how to support him in the moment and beyond. As a mom, my mind was going in a million directions because as parents we tend to have a picture of what we hope our child's "path" in life will be and when something shifts it off course it can be very disorienting.

For months after my mom's passing and my son's diagnosis I wondered,  "Where do we go from here?". I searched for my new normal and new path.  I also tried to "be" ok with this new path. It took me months to process what had happened... realistically I still have moments where I'm processing how much my life has changed. 

When all of this happened, each time my mind went into to hyper-speed trying to "figure out" my next move.  Yet, I had no ideas or Aha! moments showing me where to go, what I should do or how I should feel. This is rare considering I always had a "plan" for everything.  For the first time I realized I'm not "in control" --which was a surprise to me. This scared me to death. For once in my life, I STOPPED. My life automatically became very simple--it was about family, grief, deep emotions, change, sitting in the unknown, searching for meaning, reaching for some stable ground & living day by day.

Over time, as I processed my grief and the changes in our lives, I began to realize I had been over-stressed, drifting in life, out of balance, not living in the moment and acutely under-inspired for along time--even before all of this. I had slowly gotten pulled into the "rat race" of just surviving life and had become numb.  I had just jumped on this path called "busy", that seemed "normal"  and normal for everyone around me--I didn't realize how it was numbing my soul.  I focused on dumb problems, was distracted by my "busyness" most of the time and worse, I was habitually putting all the important stuff last.  Up until this point, I spent most of my time "reacting" to my life and doing little to create a meaningful life in work but more importantly outside of work.

Before my life changed I was only focused on the HUSTLE, the big goals & a future destination.

I had bought into the HUSTLE and go all out for your dreams so you can reach a future destination mantra but didn't realize you can't do that at the expense of everything else in your life-- consistently.  I wondered if balance was possible or was I sentenced to a life of chasing my future but never really living a balanced, successful & meaningful life in the present? I wanted to find a new "normal" and a better way to measure my success.

I learned from these experiences, that life offers us no guarantees and we don't have all the time in the world to "be", "do" or "have" all that we desire. We don't have as much time as we think with the people in our lives.  So we have to enjoy and savor today as much as we hustle for tomorrow.  Life grants us zero promises and I realized it was time to get specific about what my next chapter was going to look like. I didn't want to "waste my pain" and "waste more time". I kept saying to myself, "I want my life to be better and different". Problem was that wasn't specific wasn't powerful enough to get me to DO life differently and stop drifting back into my rut.  It took time to figure this out, I was clumsy, it was messy and I took missteps....but it began my journey towards finding my  "truth" & Truu North and focusing on the real stuff while still following my dreams. (I'm still clumsy trying to figure this all out!)

In time I've learned to DO Success & Life Differently because a life without fulfillment, happiness & time for the important stuff & people, I decided, was a waste of precious time.

As I've stepped into my new normal, I feel like I woke up to my true self.  I had been on what I call the "hustle & ambition train" for so long that I never stopped to make sure I was on the right train.  I was STILL ambitious, I just wanted to focus on more than just my work ambitions--I wanted to focus on my WHOLE life.  For the first time I started asking the right questions, getting real about my life and began moving towards a new path where I honored my dreams of success but also my dreams  connected to life balance, family, health, helping others, travel, outdoor living and happiness.

My changes in perspective overflowed into my work and I started working with my clients differently, fired other clients and took on projects I loved.  My new normal also made me realize that many of my clients were on the old path I once was--and it was drowning them....and sometimes their businesses also. I started sharing how I shifted. 

After these experiences I also gained a deep compassion for people who are fighters and survivors (which are MANY of us). It made me want to create a space for others dealing with the messy struggles and pain from life but still have BIG & Wild dreams in spite of their story, pain, mess or current challenges. I wanted to also reach people who were ready to LIVE a more meaningful life, a more connected life, a more conscious live their Truu Life. I wanted this because I wanted  a place like this for me. A place where they talked about REAL life, not social media fake life.  A place that fed the "whole" dreamer in me and valued authentically helping others, creating success in spite of challenges, creating meaningful lives and inspired families.  I wanted a place that gave REAL tools & insight into my business & my life--not just hype, polished marketing funnels, marketing spin, photo-shopped gurus and miracle get rich ideas.  And a place to help me find MY truth and wasn't afraid to bring GOD into the conversation about success and living our truu life.

I'm still on my journey and by no means have it all figured out or have a life-changing magic pill that will make it 100% easier for you because I've learned all paths are a unique adventure--no two are the same.  Truu North is my way to support you, light a path for you, share what I've done, what others have done and provide a place for brave souls on their daring path to rest, restore and reignite what inspires them--and then help them find it & create it. It doesn't matter how big or small your dream is or if it's to start a business or to simply find happiness, Truu North is a place for everyone. I want to help people with their dreams & businesses AND help them light their spirits back up so they can find happiness and fulfillment in their work and their whole life.

Welcome to Truu North....and your Truu North Life.......

​--Shari Kingston Adams

"It doesn't matter what your story is, we've all been called to live true, rise strong & aim high."

--Shari Kingston Adams

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