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Work with Founder Privately

For the past 15 years Shari, the Founder of Truu North, has built a successful consulting and training business based on helping businesses, start ups and nonprofits with digital marketing, communications and revenue growth. 


She helps them clarify, create, innovate & grow their ideas, creative callings, businesses and nonprofits.


When Results Matter...

 Truu North is YOUR SOLUTION... a solution that puts you on TRACK to build, grow, learn or transform in the direction of your goals.  Regardless of how creatively distracted, overwhelmed, unfocused, small, large or quickstarting you are now.  Let Shari help you "where you are now".


If you want to innovate and grow your ideas, business, organization, products, or services you can't just "read" about it or flood yourself with more information about it or keep guessing what will work. 

Maybe it's time to work with someone that does this everyday.  Maybe it's time to work with a real person instead of another webinar or group coaching program. Work with Shari and you will get the personalized step-by-step help you need--so you avoid the overwhelm and the guessing game.


​​What if you could HIRE your SOLUTION NOW, instead of waiting for it?

Working with Shari privately takes the excuses, confusion, procrastination and overwhelm out of the equation.  It gives you the personal accountability, proven approach, experienced teacher and results focused insights that have helped her clients generate over $150 million dollars and have a 95% success rate in reaching their goals in business and beyond.  


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This isn't for



If you're not getting the results you desire but you still want to continue doing business as usual...this probably isn't for you. Or if you expect to "get rich" quick, this isn't for you...because everything we do takes time and work. 



If you get excited by the fact that Shari

will work with you one on one to develop your brand power, clear vision, brand identity, digital marketing, SEO, mission, revenue growth strategy, strategic execution plan on a macro and micro level--and then get her help taking action on are in the right place.


She'll help you take the guess work out of

"what's my focus", "what's my messaging", "how do I grow" and "what's next". 


If you're ready for a fresh set of eyes that has over 15 years of experience creating, launching, and growing mission-driven service businesses and non-profits then this is for YOU.

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Which "stage" are you in?

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Idea Phase or Figuring Out Your Business, Purpose, Mission or Path

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Grow & Expand Your Business, Mission, Purpose, Message & Life

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Evolve or Reboot Your Business, Purpose, Mission, Path & Life

How can Shari help you?

  • Strategic Planning--Idea, Vision, Clarity, offer and brand Development more info

  • ​Digital Marketing, Brand Power, Social Media, List Growth, Sales & Business Growth Development more info

  • Leadership, Founder & Staff Development more info

  • Non-Profit Services more info

  • Training more info

Private Consulting  Packages

The KickStarter

Founder Support on Idea, Marketing, Strategy, Growth or focus

      2 hours       

Private Coaching

The FireStarter

A Creative Strategy and Growth Program

12 Week

Business Accelerator Program



We will work with you to create a customized solution for your

business, big idea or non-profit

Timeframe & Rate Varies

Contact Shari today to

learn how she can be your solution and start

helping you today.