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TRUU North


"Truu North helps you discover your purpose-driven brand and then how to carry it throughout everything you do so your customers, employees, community & the world  embraces your brand as their CAUSE not just a brand."

--Shari Kingston Adams Founder Truu North




Consulting & Coaching from a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur--

not a "Professional Consultant or Coach" full of HYPE.

Our coaching and consulting is lead by Truu North's Founder, Shari Kingston Adams.  She didn't learn from a coaching class, or expensive consulting firm--she learned by growing her own company and helping hundreds of companies & non-profits grow worldwide--online & offline. Her expertise comes from helping start-ups, inspiring non-profits, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, New York Times best-selling author, reality star to billion dollar brands.  Her methods, systems and philosophies were forged from over 18 years of "doing the work" in the trenches of million & billion dollar companies, start-ups, non-profits and one on one with founders. 

Don't settle for a one size fits all approach or MAGIC FORMULA from a "professional coach or consultant", instead choose someone who has the WISDOM to know what's right for you because they have thousands of hours of experience DOING the work, TESTING the ideas and DEVELOPING & MASTERING several methods. This kind of experience helps you "fast track" to your goals, success and impact. Professional Coaches/Consultants only have "information they learned" to pull from however, Shari has her real life EXPERIENCE and SUCCESS to pull from.


Which would you rather have....a person who's read hundreds of books about building your dream house & went to hundreds of seminars on building your dream house or someone who's actually done it hundreds of times?

What We Offer


Public Relations, Marketing, Branding, Company Pitching & Strategic Planning

If start-ups, entrepreneurs, non-profits, dreamers and doers aren't crystal clear on their PURPOSE, brand, marketing, PR strategy & execution plan it's hard to grow in this new fast-paced, global and competitive economy. If you can fully embrace YOUR unique and timeless purpose-driven brand story you'll rises above your competition. Our PURPOSE-DRIVEN communications and brand development consulting focuses on giving you the edge on how to activate your purpose, powerfully communication your purpose-driven brand, get it in front of your ideal audience and most importantly get them to authentically "connect" with you...which turns your purpose into profits "organically".  We guide and consult you on all areas of Public Relations, Reputation Management, SEO, Emotional & Behavioral Economics, Creating Brand Love, Development, Purpose, Marketing (digital, social media, online/offline) and Investor Pitching that's intentional and results-driven.  We focus on the discovery, strategic planning and cutting the learning curve so you can hit the ground running.  Learn about our Brand Audit also.

We train you, your employees, board or key stakeholders on how to honestly communicate your brand purpose and share it with the media, investors, your target market, on social media, in marketing and teach you the advanced skills needed to not just "speak" your purpose but BECOME it.


This is imperative training for entrepreneurs, non-profits, start-ups or anyone getting ready to make their BIG PITCH to investors, potential BIG donor or any event that you are pitching your BIG IDEA and you need people to take action.  When you only get ONE shot at making a TRUULY awesome impression you need Truu North!


Strategic Planning and Transforming Your Organziaton


Does your organization need a reboot? Does it need a purpose to guide it? Or is your young company or idea struggling to get off the ground? Truu North can help you uncover the gems of what's working and the areas that are no longer working.  We can also help you discover a BIGGER purpose and vision for what you're doing--and where you're going. 

It's time to THINK BIGGER and more PURPOSEFUL. Are you ready to create a purpose-driven brand or re-imagine the one you have? We will look at your business, purpose and overall brand holistically. We explore your organization's need and ability to innovate, your market and product position, culture and leadership, technology and other core capabilities–everything that impacts your TRIPLE bottom line (doing well, doing good & being happy) and the health & vitality of your company, brand and your future.  We approach this in the same way as we do in our BRAND AUDIT however, we take it much deeper and take a wider scope. Our brand audit is for small fixes but our business transformation consulting is for a major renovation or remodel.

We explore your goals, mission, purpose and ideas for the future and compare that with the current ecosystem of your business. 

We give a comprehensive top view and down in the trenches view of where you are now and ALL of the opportunities for growth, transformation and innovation.  We partner with you to tackle the tough challenges, create strategies, rethink revenue streams and business models.

Entrepreneurs, non-profits and dreamers select us for our creativity, innovation, vision, BIG IDEAS and flexibility. We are here to help you develop and implement unique & BIG IDEA concepts that pull you from "like everyone else" to UNLIKE anyone else.

We help you DO what you do, but even better.

Don't worry this won't cost you a fortune, so call us today and let's see how we can help you START YOUR MOVEMENT.


Starting Movements, Culture, Getting Results & Mindful Leadership

Just because you are a founder, dreamer or the leader of an organization doesn't automatically make you an effective leader, doer and movement starter.  If you aren't getting the results from yourself and the ones around you, we want to help unleash your ability to learn, transform, make changes and achieve the goals that move you forward. Our work with founders and leaders takes a completely different approach than popular belief...we don't focus on getting you to change your habits or mind or beliefs. We first focus on your PURPOSE AND ACTIONS because when your understand your purpose behind your actions this changes your habits, mind and beliefs automatically.  That's how transformation happens. 

We measure our results based on your TRIPLE BOTTOMLINE: doing well, doing good and being happy.

We focus on helping you create an intentional and purposeful approach to getting things done, making decisions, leading your movement and keeping yourself mindful of what's important to keeping yourself empowered to succeed and be happy.

Over the course of 18 years we've worked with hundreds of leaders...some found enormous succuss and others are still struggling.  In our leadership development work & research we found the highly-motivated leaders who wanted to move forward in business, created success even in the midst of great obstacles, while others always seemed to struggle to move forward (even when they were obstacle free) and we realized these leaders always were blocked by their addiction to their excuses and staying the same--and their lack of an inspiring purpose.  Are you ready to "kick" the addiction to staying the same?? 

We only work with highly motivated leaders who are ready to move forward to start their movement and create mindful leadership.  This won't cost you a fortune so stop putting this off and let's get started with helping you START YOUR MOVEMENT!

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Who is this right for?

Purpose-driven businesses, service-based businesses, non-profits, start-ups, consultants, coaches, practitioners, trainers, authors, speakers, bloggers, pod-casters, freelancers, content creators, artists, makers & creators.

Truu North Founder's Story

Most of my career I prided myself on being "crazy busy"....but then everything changed.....

I spent 18+ years doing PR, branding and marketing for multi-million & billion dollar companies like Whole Foods, Chrysler and GNC and then I started my own communications firm in 2008 working with many of those same companies, start-ups & even New York Times Best-selling authors.


However, my life completely changed in 2013 when my Mom suddenly passed away and our son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after 3 days in ICU.  After these events I realized my work & life were not fulfilling anymore and I was living on auto-pilot.  I realized LIFE WAS TOO SHORT to just be surviving....I decided this wasn't how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.  I wanted to find success and happiness "inside AND out". Things had to change!! I fired most of my clients and started working with non-profits & start-ups. And personally, I was rediscovering what was really important to me.

I realized I had mastered HOW to build mega-successful businesses....I just forgot one key thing--how to create a MINDFUL life and business that didn't sacrifice & ignore MY REAL priorities and purpose.

These life-changing events forced me to embark on my own transformational journey searching for my own TRUU NORTH personally, professionally and spiritually. The RESULT? I rebooted my approach to helping entrepreneurs and living my life.  I started focusing on helping people become purpose-driven and START MOVEMENTS instead of businesses.  I also started helping FOUNDERS find their own purpose and TRUE NORTH--without the overwhelm and sacrificing their priorities. Today I still help  businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups build their wildly successful businesses they love BUT more importantly how to create a LIFE they LOVE even MORE. 

Personally I've found ways to continually create mindful & meaningful success instead of stressed and crazy busy success.  Now my focus is on doing well, doing good and being happy.....and taking time to stop and smell the roses everyday....because taking time to savor life feeds the soul.  I'm still a work in progress and my journey continues.

What do others say?

Husband & Wife TV Show Hosts Find Direction and Focus

"Shari is not only a joy to be around, she is a master at digging deep and getting right to the point in the most professional yet candid way. Rodman and I have struggled to take our PBS television show to the next level because we’ve had similar, yet different visions. Being a husband and wife team adds a unique dynamic and we needed someone strong enough, who we both trusted, to lead us down a path to truly reflect on why we were creating this show and where our hearts were guiding us next. After working with Shari, we felt reinvigorated to unfold our movement in a way that honored each of our unique gifts.  We are confident, and slightly giddy, now that we have renewed direction and focus.  It is also magical to see the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place once we said our vision out loud." – Gina Schley, Host of Urban Conversion

Naturopathic Doctor Gets Clear Direction

"Working with Shari was refreshing. I've talked to many business strategists and none have laid out such a thought out plan for me like Shari did.  She asked a few questions and then jumped in quickly with a list of steps that I could take to get me where I want to be in my business.  What I loved most is that she focused on my "big dream" (my WHY)  for my business. I get so mired in the details of running a naturopathic medicine practice that I sometime forget to focus on where I am heading with it.  Working with Shari was action-oriented and it was the first time I could see how I could get to where I want to be. It was just what I've been looking for."  Denise Clark N.D.

Are you ready to get the insight, support and experience to move your purpose-driven business forward?

This won't cost you a fortune so stop putting this off and let's get started with helping you build your purpose-driven brand and START YOUR MOVEMENT



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Right now, you have two options,


1. Keep trying to DIY yourself to success and struggling to figure out how to get your business or organization to the next level--not sure what you should be doing, when you'll find the time, where to start or what you should be doing "differently". While you're saving money doing it this way, others are "making" more money & helping more people.




2. Take the guess work  and stress out of the equation and get the one-on-one help you need to know exactly what to do and what to do differently--from someone who's built countless businesses already.  And gain a partner who will help and guide you to create results faster so you can help more people and realize your dreams for your purpose-driven brand.

Consulting For the Purpose-Driven Business

Contact us today and learn how this could help you and your organization.

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