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Truu North Core Elements


Idea Reboot & Strategic Vision Planning

Idea and Vision is about the creation process.  Coming up with your next big thing or fine-tuning an idea you currently have. Are you ready to start or revive a BIG idea, business or cause? We help your creative idea vision, purpose, development, naming, business development, 365 idea audit, ways to expand ONLINE, market research & idea revival.  We help you determine if your idea can be transformed into a business.  We help you find your new vision and create a strategy to get there--regardless if it's your connected to your business or your life. We explore how your "business" vision aligns with your "life" vision--so you can create synergy between the two. We help you expand your ideas and vision--and then help you get there.

Focus and Clarity: Find Your Truu North

We work with you to uncover your purpose, passion and path--professionally & personally.  Our unique methods focus on creating an "organic" discovery of what your blind spots, barriers, fears, priorities and values are, which help shape what your passions are and why.  Your Truu North helps guide you personally, professionally and spiritually so you have an unobstructed view of your next steps, purpose and your vision for your life.  Without a clear distinction of your Truu North you'll feel lost, have a hard time getting things done, continue listening to other people's opinions about you and lack the motivation to "go all in" on your projects.



Marketing and Growing Your Customer List

Discover how to grow your list even if no one knows you.  Learn how to organically grow your list of buyers not just followers with no budget or as little as $200 a month.  We show you how to use social media, influencers, SEO, strategic partnerships, opt ins, content and much more to grow your audience.  Without a list you can't do anything.  No matter what phase you're in we show you how to grow it even if you are starting from ZERO.


Profitable Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

How do you grow your business or organization?  We help you find ways to grow your brand and your business or organization through new markets, new marketing funnels, forging strategic marketing or community impact partnerships, gaining sponsorships and working with industry influencers.  We help you learn how to reach out to possible sponsors or strategy partners to expand your reach.

Build Your Passion PlatformTM: Be an expert, influencer, resource or the go to person for a specific topic

If you already work or have experience in a certain topic we show you how to create your online and/or offline platform around it.  This can be an add-on to what you do already, a side hustle or a new business.  We explore which paths would be best for you-- online courses, books, speaking, blogs, podcasts, video, coaching and more. We show you how to grow your audience, customer list even if no one knows you. We help you understand what content to create and how to automate the process. 


Product Development and Selling Your Product or Service ONLINE:

Just having a website doesn't mean it makes you money.  A website is just a brochure until you give people the opportunity to buy something on your website. We help you figure out what to sell or new products or services to sell. We help service providers and small businesses development ways to sell & market physical products, digital products, digital downloads, training, services, subscriptions and memberships online.  We help them decide which products or services to sell next or focus on--based on research not guessing.

Productivity--smarter ways to master your actions

Shari has developed a ONE OF A KIND system that helps busy people get more done.  After 20 years of working with CEOs, start-ups, founders, creatives and entrepreneurs she's created a GET THINGS DONE smarter method that increases your productivity easier and simply.  Getting your business to the next level sometimes means auditing your time, tasks and how you & your team get things done. Efficiency is the key to success and smarter productivity doesn't come natural for most.  We teach you how to "become" more efficient and we do it painlessly.

​Telling Your Story--Messaging and Branding

To reach your audience and get them to engage with you takes messaging that "speaks to THEM" directly.  We help you create messaging for your idea, service/product, project or whole business.  It's not what you say but HOW you say it that sparks your ideal client to say YES to you.  We help you re-imagine your messaging so it doesn't just recite all the DETAILS about you and your products or services...and instead become customer focused.  We make your customer the center of your messaging so they will connect with HOW you can help them.

Becoming a Philanthropic Entrepreneur--Creating Impact

We help you build GIVING into your business DNA.  This means that you have a strong vision of how you want to help people beyond your customers.  You want to donate a part of your products or services to a cause.  Or you want to donate funds to a cause.  You want to create a strategic collaboration with a non-profit. Or you want to create a unique business model that gives back or supports a cause, community or people through a specific product or service.

Non-Profit Development: Fundraising, Board Development & More

Non-Profits don't grow and evolve in the same way businesses do. They are a different ecosystem. We understand that. We help non-profits development fundraising campaigns, messaging, marketing, social media, website planning, gaining major donors, public relations, strategic collaborations, Board Development, Increasing Board Participation, virtual fundraising, donor communications, non-profit operations, non-profit leadership and productivity.

Sales Training & Strategy

All great entrepreneurs are also great sales people.  But they aren't cheap salesy sales people. Sales is about making friends...not sales. Being able to convert someone into a buying customer is the most important skill you need to be a successful entrepreneur.  However, it takes a special touch of trust, communication skills, likeability and behavior psychology. These skills will help you understand how to gain strategic partnerships, sponsorships and more loyal customers.  

​Multiple Ways to Monetize Your Ideas:

Business Development and Your Business Model

Are you ready to reboot your ideas or are you just starting your business? We help with launching, rebooting and re-imagining your business, business model, business organization, business purpose, revenue streams, marketing, community impact and business focus to help it grow financially and grow your businesses' purpose. We help you increase your reach and diversify how you sell your products and services ONLINE. We also work with you to create high-level partnerships with organizations and people that can help advance your brand or project.  We also help you understand how to get sponsorships if your organization is a good fit for that model.


Public Relations

Your reputation is everything in business.  What people think of you carries your business and has power over your profits.  PR is about being intentional about your story, your reputation and culture.  Don't leave your profits up to chance by ignoring the relationship & conversation you have with the public and YOUR people. We help you get media attention in your industry, community and on "the big stage". We help with messaging, pitching, positioning, strategic planning and much more. Depending on what's right for your brand and YOU we can help you get media attention online, on TV, print, radio, and on innovative platforms like podcasts, blogs or online TV shows--in addition to getting specific influencers or strategic partners to talk about you.  We help you with high-profile, local, trade & international PR.



Growing Your Creativity & Imagination

All the experts say "be you", "share your gifts" and "don't copy others".  Yet most are so out of practice using their OWN imagination, plugging into their own creative spark that they feel lost when they try to tap into this mysterious "imagination" room of their brain.  We not only help you get into your imagination,  we help you to start discovering and unraveling your creativity.  We show you how to unlock the immense resource that your OWN imagination holds for you.


Entrepreneur Personal Development

Some are meant to be out front sharing, teaching, leading and helping.  Is this you? We help you become the leader you aspire to be. We help entrepreneurs with growing their skills in leadership, success psychology, speaking, sales, productivity, organization, success mapping, purpose and vision strategies. We also show you how to find your success blind spots, get rid of the mind-movies that keep you stuck and help you expand your "experience" of what's possible for your business & beyond. We also focus on helping entrepreneurs become "soulful" and create an aim towards abundant "wholeness" not just abundance in money & status--instead whole life success and wellness.

Inner Engineering & Your Inner Power

Your mind is a tool and how it thinks & works is under your control. We show you how to become your own mind engineer.  We show you how to access an inner state of being that makes you unafraid of change because you understand the purpose of fear. We show you how powerful you really are right now, not after you DO a hundred tasks. Discover how to go inward to use your own technology locked in your mind, inner laws, stories, truuth-teller, vision, perspective and imagination. This isn't above "fixing" your thinking, beliefs or thought processes, it's understanding how they work so you begin to use them more effectively. Your mind is a machine that if you don't fully understand how to use it you will be confused and even overwhelmed because you're lost in your own mind.  A confused mind doesn't move forward.

Avoid the Entrepreneur/Founder Trap

Entrepreneurs have higher suicide rates, divorce rates and a higher incedence of mental health challenges than the average person. These statistics happen with struggling and successful entrepreneurs. We help show you ways to avoid this very serious dark secret behind being an entrepreneur.  We help you learn how to manage stress, risk, failure and the devasting feeling of being trapped.  We also work with you on building and growing your "whole" life alongside your business and big goals.  We help you balance your entrepreneur goals with just as exciting LIFE goals.  We want your LIFE RESUME to be just as inspiring as your WORK RESUME.

Becoming a Soulful-Entrepreneur

Don't just rely on your mind to guide you & give you strength, use your own 6th sense. Call it God, Spirit, Universe or Intuition it's the unseen gut feelings and messages that we feel.  It's about tapping into some form of spirituality to give us strength, guidance and belief in something more than ourselves. Being an entrepreneur is hard and this "element" can empower our hearts when we feel alone during this journey. We use many forms of meditation, soul-driven actions, the ripple effect method and many other methods to help you grow in this area. And it's NOT just us telling you to sit and's goes deeper than you can rise higher. This is the single most important "element" here at Truu North.



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