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What does customized coaching really mean? It means we don't create a one size fits all program for everyone.  We've found everyone is in different phases of their business, creativity and life.  This means each person needs & wants something different.  Each business needs something different. We determine "what you & your business/idea need" by having you complete a unique Truuth Test questionnaire that has taken 20 years to develop and gets to the core of your NEEDS, DESIRES and BLINDSPOTS.


This is high level strategy, vision and creating big impact consulting & coaching for doers & dreamers ready make a change or grow their idea. This is about expanding your vision of what's possible for your ideas, business or beyond...and then getting the guidance, tools and skills to help you do what needs to be done. This is also about helping you discover who you need to become mentally and spiritually to level-up and grow your business & your life. This is NOT a one-size fits all program where you sit back and passively listen.  We've found customized experience-based learning is how YOU get the best results--rather than getting MORE basic information that doesn't FIT YOU.  Are YOU ready to get customized help for your "specific" situation, empowering accountability, action-based learning, unprecedented support and the high level coaching you get from working with someone who's helped build 7 and 8 figure brands, companies and non-profits....then Truu North with Shari is for you.

Which "phase" are you in?


Idea Phase or Figuring Out Your Business, Purpose, Mission or Path


Grow & Expand Your Business, Purpose, Message & Life


Evolve or Reboot Your Business, Purpose, Mission, Path & Life

Truu North Growth Elements

The skills, insight and guidance Shari helps you with--depending on "your" specific situation, goals, needs and vision.      (Detailed info on all Growth Elements here)

Idea & Vision Development

Focus and Clarity: Find Your Truu North

Entrepreneur Development: Mentally & Spiritually

Inner Engineering and Your Inner Power

​Social Entrepreneur Development--Creating Impact

Marketing and Growing Your List

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Growing Your Creativity & Imagination

​​Messaging and Branding

Sales Training & Strategy


Smarter & Simpler Productivity

​Multiple Ways to Monetize Your Ideas

Public Relations

​Build Your Platform: Be an expert, resource or go to person for a specific topic

Grow a LIFE, Not Just a Business: Avoid the Entrepreneur/Founder Trap

Becoming a Soulful-Entrepreneur

**Detailed Info on Growth Elements Here


$550 for 2 hours

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