Break the Cycle of Living Another Year Not Reaching Your Wild Dreams!

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What if reaching your Wild Dreams in 2018 didn't have to  take complicated systems or changes?


Writer, mom, philanthropist & 20 year PR professional, Shari Kingston Adams, accidentally discovered that Olympians reach their goals not because their super-human, rather their coaches have a simple but powerful formula for success.  

KEEP SWIMMING shares Shari Kingston Adams, Truu North Founder's, discoveries after interviewing the most successful Olympic swimming coaches in the USA--over 12 months.  This simple public relations assignment unexpectedly became a turning point in her understanding of what it takes for ANYONE to reach their wild dreams--regardless of age, circumstances or the odds against you. Discover the unlikely things that these coaches do that have created over 49 Olympic medals--and could easily become your unfair advantage in whatever dream you're chasing.


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