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Truu North Founder Speaking



Shari Kingston Adams, Founder of Truu North, mom,

writer and entrepreneur. She has worked 20+ years in PR, business development,

marketing and sales for multi-million dollar companies (Whole Foods, GNC,

Chrysler & Canon) and running her own communications consulting company,

hired by multi-million dollar companies, start-ups, non-profits, New York Times

best selling authors, Olympic coaches and even a reality star and

Nobel Peace Price Winner. There hasn't been much she hasn't tried,

seen or encountered in PR, marketing, business development, branding and sales.





With a busy career and a family she was working hard to keep it all

going, then everything fell apart.  In 2013 she lost her

seemingly healthy mom unexpectedly, to a massive heart attack. They were

sharing a coffee in the morning and that afternoon she was performing CPR

on her mom trying to save her life.  Shari's life was changed in an instant. Then one year later

her then 10 yr. old son was in ICU fighting for his life and was diagnosed with a severe case of Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which ultimately led to her learning he had Type 1 Diabetes. She learned that

his condition was so critical in the hospital that he narrowly escaped with his life. Her life was turned upside down again. And then just 5 years later her never sick Dad went from healthy to fighting for his life from a fatal blood infection in an afternoon...and died that same day.  It seemed that without warning her life was turned upside down....again and again and again.  In a five year period she lost 6 other family members and friends suddenly without warning. 


She began to question every part of her life, asking "What now?" "What next?". Answers didn't come quickly. The loud and clear message she kept hearing was.... life grants us zero promises and we don't have all the time in the world to "be", "do" or "have" all that we desire.

In time she learned to DO Success & Life differently because she decided that a life without meaning, happiness & the important stuff was a waste of precious time.

She realized that moving products and pushing sales agendas wasn't how she wanted to use her skills or how she wanted to help people.  She wanted to "move people", "push" missions--and find real meaning in life.  She wanted her work and life to move "her" she fired most of her clients and started helping non-profits, passionate entrepreneurs, start-ups and mission based organizations start their movements and change the world.  It was time to build a life instead of a resume!  And now it's her ongoing journey.




Her story and experience gives her a unique style that is blatantly real, to the point, entertaining, insightful and rich with content. She'll share thought provoking stories, laugh til' you cry stories and stories that will inspire you that anything is possible. She shares insightful content that gives individuals and organizations

a rich understanding on how to rise up, overcome and excel in business and in life.

​​​She brings INSPIRATION, LEARNING, HOPE and IMPACT together in a way that leaves audiences begging for more. More info:


Learn How to Find Your North Star

In The Middle of a Tornado​​


She shares her story of loss, sadness, yearning for something "real" and how she took the unexpected loss of both her parents and turned them into imperfect launching points instead of de-railers. Learn how to use your challenges, set-backs or even failures as launching points for your next level. Learn how hustle can't be all you celebrate.... happiness has to co-exist along side your journey towards success. Discover why it's so imperative that you create work you love but also create a life you love more. Life grants us no promises or sure things so if you don't enjoy the journey where you are now how can you enjoy it later? Success without fulfillment is a waste of precious time. You only have today. 

Stop Dreaming, Start Doing 

Escape the Dreamers Black Hole of Endless Ideas & Little Action and finally discover how to find Clarity, take Action and Make Your Dreams Become Real. 


​It's Time to Watch Your Ideas

Come To Fruition

It doesn't matter if you're a dreamer with big ideas, a start-up, a non-profit or an entrepreneur ready to launch a new idea or reboot their purpose.  Discover how to create absolute clarity on your Idea, skills, purpose & more chasing shining objects, obsessing over what everyone else is doing and not accomplishing your wild ideas. Discover the science behind why we want to chase shining objects and discover how to use your own internal compass to guide you to what to do next. Learn how micro-actions can jumpstart any big and wild idea.  Discover a simple way to decide which ideas to start now and which to shelf for later. Learn a simple concept that shows you how to take your spark of an idea and turn it into something real with less confusion. This is for people who need a kickstart for their idea or are ready for a reboot.  Stop Dreaming, Start Doing.


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Who is Shari?

And then everything changed....

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