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there's no ONE PATH.

The Truu North Experience

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They're an adventure that demystifies your UNIQUE path to finding your Truu North personally, professionally and spiritually. 


This program is for "conscious achievers" who know that their life isn't just about "what" they do for a's about finding happiness and wholeness in all areas of their life. With truu happiness as the anchor. 


It doesn't matter where "you" are in your life, career or place in the world ....everyone deserves to tap into their inner compass, their Truu North.

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Are you ready for something different?  Did 2020 make you stop and rethink what you've been doing in business, life and spirit?  What if you could spend the next 8 weeks getting out of your own way to create, change or start something new in your business, life or spirit. All through experiences YOU create. What if you spent the next 8 weeks exploring new ideas & dreams and putting these bold, brave and wild what ifs into action. The Truu North Experience helps you throw your ideas out into the world and start your own ripple effect in your business, community, life & world. Get ready for an experience and program like none other....Your Truu North is calling.

The next Truu North Experience starts soon.

LIVE Truu North Experiences can be one day or up to 5 day adventures. They help you unplug, reconnect with your creativity, feed your soul, tap into your Truu North, take your big ideas to the next level, have life changing fun & exciting experiences, connect with other wild idea people, participate in humanitarian projects and gain the spark to forge your ideas into reality. 

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Your Truu North is Calling!