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North of Normal...

The Truu North Life

Living your Truu North Life, is only possible when you choose to wander North of Normal.

Away from your routine, everyday rut and choosing to not live, work and think like everyone else. Not everyone feels comfortable doing this but there are many who finally find their Truu home when they choose to wander North of Normal.


Living your Truu North is discovering and living your own brand of freedom, purpose, success, spirituality, balance, authenticity, love and happiness--then creating your Truu North life around those truths in spite of your struggles, messy life, mistakes, faults, pain or life story. 

Truu North is about finding your own footing on the playground of life in order to LEAD your life experience differently.  Discovering how to LEAD your life, business, thoughts and soul in a way that elevates yourself while doing the same for the people around you. While not being lead by others, by the media, by the masses, by groups, by marketing, influencers, or even by the people around you.  Truu North is when you LEAD yourself from within.  You THINK, ACT and  BELIEVE based on your own inner compass and not others. You are soul-driven. And that inner compass is connected to a divine power (regardless of what name you give it) that isn't shaped by the outside world. 


Life calls us all.  Sometimes in different ways and at different times to DO something. It's something that nudges us--tells us you should do "that" or stop doing "this". These nudges aren't just about taking steps in our work, they encompass every area of our life mentally, physically and spiritually.  It may be big steps or tiny-steps, but these nudges are guiding us to move forward or pivot in ways that will advance, expand or nurture us.  It's guiding us like a soul compass.

"We are all just ONE tiny STEP AWAY from our transformation, restoration or revelation.

That's our Truu North....and living North of Normal."

Some ignore those fleeting ideas & callings.  While others listen intently and go on to create awe-inspiring lives, regardless of their age, circumstances or complete lack of proof that they can succeed. They bravely act on these UNSEEN (but deeply felt) ideas, hunches & callings and go on to live lives that transform themselves, communities and even the world. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things--chasing their wild "what ifs". What makes some act on these and then believe they can achieve their fleeting callings, yearnings or wishes while others brush them off as crazy, too good to be true or something "they" could never do or be?  No one knows for sure, but we've discovered it seems to be tied to the idea that some simply & quietly "decide" their idea is HALF possible for them (and only half crazy) and then they start taking action towards achieving it. They ignore everyone else's doubts because they "hear" an inner calling that no one else hears--and they half trust it. And eventually.............. their actions & results become more powerful than their doubts, thoughts or what ifs.

North of NormalTM is When You Turn The Life You Wish For Into Real Goals And

Seriously Start Working Towards Them

Living your Truu North is about your "whole" life--not just creating success, happiness or a difference.  It's not about only being an amazing parent or creating a meaningful business, finding peace or finding a way to change the's not an either/'s an "ALL".  But creating it all "in balance" --meaning one area can't completely over-power the others long-term.  Living the Truu North life means you can DO it all but just not ALL today--it's not trying to perfectly balance your life and goals it just means spreading out your life into chunks. 

Living your Truu North isn't a system, process, dogma or some "life hack"'s a path. A path that takes us somewhere North of Normal. Sometimes we feel like we're totally in balance & on course while other times we're clumsy, fall, get off track or even get lost for a moment. It's a constant dance of course correcting, reinventing and staying true to ourselves.  It's a journey (more like an epic adventure) that you walk, run and sometimes dance on and it's completely unique & different for each of us.  It's our own personal adventure.  It happens in ordinary towns and with everyday people.

We're not experts, just a fellow traveler....sharing our experiences, insights and bringing others together to share theirs-- so YOU can find your Truu North path & adventure-- and begin creating your too good to be Truu meaningful life personally, professionally and spiritually.  This is no magical formula, no short-cut, it's just re-imagining success, impact and person at a time.

It's about Living Truu, Being You.

God Speed,


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