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It's Time To Get Out of the Office

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Life Changing Fun

In-Person Experiences

Your next big idea, strategic partner or transformation could be just ONE EXPERIENCE away.


We're bringing INSPIRATION, LEARNING, IMPACT and REAL CONNECTION together in our Truu North Experiences.


We want to help you build a LIFE instead of just a resume.  That's why we focus on what we call "Whole Life Learning".

"Feed your soul, grow your big mission and change the world."

Our LIVE Truu North Experiences are a unique learning & self-development process that brings together experience-based learning, self-development, community service & entrepreneurial learning programs. Helping Founders and Dreamers find clarity, focus and even your next step to growing your goals.


Our belief is....


We can't completely transform our businesses and lives sitting behind a computer or trapped inside a hotel conference room...we must go out INTO the REAL world to find inspiration, find clarity, meet new people, discover new ideas and uncover our life changing mission and then go LIVE IT!!

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Truu Emmersion Programs

Travel & Experience-based learning that transforms your soul, business and life while also giving back to communities all over the world.
3 day events to week long adventures & mission trips.
Be on the lookout for our 2023 Schedule.

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